Conditional Surveys

Conditional Surveys are the base for the agreement during the determination of the “condition of a building” before the start up of the work.

Our clients need to know what condition their assets are before a interfering project starts. A tunnel, deep excavation in top down, dewatering can cause displacements and/or settlements causing cracks or damaging the structure. The conditional survey is the key element of any  for both our client and owners of the structure, and should not be underestimated.
The conditional survey clearly establishes the condition of the assets. This assessment enables a full and comprehensive building register to be agreed, against which any future changes can then be accurately recorded.
These surveys are typically undertaken as part of the mobilisation and set up procedure. A Conditional Survey carries out a detailed asset survey of the client buildings in line with the agreed parameters prior to commencement of the survey.
From the information collected during the asset verification survey we compile a comprehensive document, with plans, notes and pictures of all the elements that can be effected by the interfering project.
The implementation of a set of agreed asset reports can easily provide a number of benefits in case of claims.